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The ABZ CLub's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in The ABZ CLub's LiveJournal:

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008
5:45 pm
Winter is the hardest

I neer seem to get full in winter. I can eat and eat and eat and I wouldn't mind another hot dog.

One of the most important things of getting healthy, is to write down a food diary. Here is an example of my food diary of the day:

6:40 - A peanutbutter and nutella sandwich
2:00 - A nutella sandwich
           Potato Cake
5:00 - Rice Noodle, Banana, Donut, and my daily chocolate.

I haven't had dinner yet. Normally I wouldn't eat as soon as I come home but my mother already prepared it and I can't let it go to waist. I shouldn't have had that Donut and Potato Cake.

This is a very bad one. You write down the things you eat so the next day, you want to decrease your amount or increase your amount, the next day. What I should have done is ate the banana, donut, and chocolate at different times, like an hour apart. I don't want to starve myself until tomorrow. 

The day after my first day, I went on the treadmill for twenty minutes, then I did sixty vertical push ups on the gym machine. The next day the ab workout started to attack me (tells me that its working) and my arms got a little sore.

Thats all. I hope I encouraged some people to start getting healthy and get those abs. If you're so skinny people call you a stick, you need to start putting on weight. Eat more red meat. Lots of it, but don't forget your vegetables!

Saturday, May 3rd, 2008
12:54 am
First Day
 Whilst watching "I Love You to Death" starring River Phoenix, I did ninety sit ups. Three sets of thirty. I use to do way more than that but since its my first day in a long time, I should start off slow. If you're totally new, as in you never did a sit up in your life, try three sets of ten. Have a minute rest between them.
 Over twelve hours after that, I only did thirty leg lifts (i hate them!!!), rode the excercise bike on heavy load (its old) for about three minutes. Then I danced around for who knows how long. 
 It's winter at the moment and I love excercising in the winter because I don't get tired as easily and sweat so much. Many people find it hard to get out of bed in winter and gain lots of weight. I don't want it to happen this year. Force yourself to stay in the cold. You'll find you WANT to excercise because you want to warm up. Don't you dare grab a blanket!
12:32 am
Join for Fun or seriousness
I wanted to get abs for a long time and my long time role model was Britney Spears. Then she totally lost it. I no longer had an abs role model. Sigh. It doesn't matter. I can do this myself. Yeah, right. Then I thought, I should do this with my friends so we can support each other. 

I always loved clubs. Just ones your create yourself, like the Sleepover Club, and the Babysitters Club. I remembered in BSC they had a book to write their experiences and that sounds like fun. That's how I thought of this wonderful community.

A clear fact is that you can't gets abs just by working one part of your body. You work every part of your body and eat well. Sure, by doing sit-ups you gain muscle on your stomach but it doesn't show because there's still a layer of fat covering it (no wonder 200 sit ups a day barely did anything).

The aim may be abs, but the point is to look good, feel good, gain some esteem for yourself, and doing this the healthy way. Don't starve yourself, or do anything to harm your body. Here members can support each other and tell your workout experiences. Have Fun.
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